Biography "The Guerrilla King"

Ashei Khan is a filmmaker and writer. He went to a private college at age 17 and by 19 he was given his own studio in the college conservatory to operate from. He holds a BA in Marketing from Olivet College.

His progression has been from music to reality tv, where he started Detroit Reality TV and produced Detroit’s first black reality show. After a successful reality show named “HOOD CHICKS” (his version of Bad Girls Club), which aired in over 130 cities, Ashei transitioned into filmmaking. In his first year of filmmaking his peers in the industry nicknamed him “The Guerrilla King” because of the run and gun filming style that he brought from reality tv.

As an artist, Ashei’s work focuses on bringing the “black experience” to society at large. His first feature film, The Come Up, follows a guy newly released from prison and his struggle to become successful...legitimately, while maneuvering through an environment set up for him to fail. The film stars several notable black celebrities such as Carl Payne from “Martin”, Spanky Hayes from Nick Canon’s Wild’n Out, Haha Davis, and a host of other famous Detroit artists.

His “Lights, Camera, ACTION” motto is evidenced by him releasing project after project with his own budgets. He’s released his films in theaters, museums, private halls, Comcast, and now he has a release available on Amazon.

In his quest to fulfil his “Detroit’s Tyler Perry” reputation, Ashei has founded a filmmaking school where he enlists filmmakers and actors to help him produce a greater volume of projects and ultimately give local talent more opportunities to become successful in the entertainment industry. 

He’s noted as saying, “There is a segment of the population that’s displaced. There’s not really any funding to help them either. But I’m not going to let that stop me. These are my people and we’re just going to make it happen the best way we can.”

TO DATE: His film "The Come Up" has won award for BEST HIP HOP FILM. But more than that, it's inspiring people to do business around the world. Floods of emails come in from the UK, and Africa, and now China of people thanking Ashei or wanting to reach out and do business with him.

He's the same as always... "Gotta get this scene!"

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