Have your book, website, or product blasted out to our social media followers.

If you're anything like me...

as an Entrepreneur, I like to Make Money!

And the way you Make Money is to ADVERTISE and let people know that your business exists.

If you don't advertise, you're treating your business like a hobby.

Serious and SUCCESSFUL entrepreneurs invest heavily into promoting their brands...

and the way to do that is through ADVERTISING on "What's UP In The D?"

Advertising is getting your product in front of the people who are looking for it and want to buy it.

We broadcast to over 10 Million people through TV, Radio, and Online.

Sign up today and your Facebook post and instagram will reach more than 150,000+ people. The  social media team is ready to spread the word about YOU!

Current Social Media Reach: 150,000+

Your social media blast will be blasted within 72 hours of submission.

Cost: $50 for 1 Facebook and 1 Instagram shared among our social media team.

Please note: Once you have made payment you will be directed to a page where you will need to submit your links and facebook post and tweet.

Please feel free to contact us... with any questions you may have.

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