"The Come Up" the Movie that's Shifting The Culture!!!

Above is the trailer to the movie that's caught the culture by storm!

We've been on a total roller coaster ride this week... I released my $100,000 movie for FREE on Youtube and it was crazy... Youtube got a hold of it and was recommending it to people around the world... In our 1st week we did 500,000 views...

We got so many positive responses and comments... so many people have been hitting me wanting to work with me... It's such a blessing.

The key for me... and the reason I released the movie for FREE... was because, I know I'm doing God's work. It was on my heart that if I made this movie... that if I put a lot of money into and I could get people to watch it... THAT IT WOULD SAVE SOMEONE's LIFE!

Literally, I'm confident that someone somewhere is going to see this movie... and then HAVE ANOTHER OPTION BESIDES SELLING DOPE!

Now, I'm not a saint. Heavens sake... I just got out of prison myself 5 years ago... but I tell you what... I went into a gas station yesterday... and some young guys instantly recognized me... they couldn't have been more than 16 or 17...

and they were like... "You're my man from the movie... Hey... I fuck with that movie!" the one guy came from the back of the store like... "Yeah, you got that movie about business..." and the other guy said.. "Yeah... an Enterpreneur!"

That was big for me... i got girls with fake asses in the beginning and a bunch of shoot outs at the end... you see... I've been making content for the urban community for 20 years... I know what we like... but that's not what those kids said...


And that was the mission for me... Mission accomplished.

You Can Watch the Movie Here Now... please LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE!

Join the Movement by going to Rich13.com


Ashei Khan


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