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How I Sent a Movie Viral Online and Sold a Ton of Product, Over the Summer... 

With-OUT Relying On Tons Of Subscribers Or Followers

And How You can Clone My System,

With a Couple Mouse Clicks

Join us Thursday December 26th at 5:00 pm PST



How I made huge amounts of money selling products (without relying on a big social media following OR sending customers to our online store)


How to clone our proven "CASH OUT" product selling system... with just a few clicks of a mouse


How we can get unlimited customers to our products without a huge advertising budget

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About Your Presenter

Ashei Khan

The Guerrilla King

Ashei "The Guerrilla King" Khan was born in Detroit, Mi. After serving 5 years in prison, years he focused on his Entertainment career. 


Ashei Khan is the CEO of the Guerrilla King Films, a production company, and #BlackHollywood, a digital distribution company. Ashei Khan currently is independently millions of minutes of his movies and music streamed. Several of #BlackHollywood producers have worked on major film project releases around the globe. 


Adrian helped pioneer the self made VIRAL process online and grew his own company into a global brand. He has worked on projects with artists such as Carl Payne, Haha Davis, Spanky Hayes, Bill Hill, Martell Lane and many more. He has also worked on several film and TV projects as well as video games and is currently partnered with Youtube, Amazon, and he has a distribution deal with Maverick Entertainment Distribution.

GUERRILLA KING 2020 Marketing Masters

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